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Dealing with the management of an inheritance can be a stressful situation. Many questions arise after the death of a loved one… what should be done to distribute the assets, is there a will, are there particular dispositions of the deceased in relation to the assets left in inheritance, are there taxes to be paid and who has to pay them?
These and many other questions arise in those first moments and in these and other issues it is essential to have an experienced and trustworthy lawyer like our firm of Barrera & Pérez Abogados.

Work areas

Declaration of Heirs

In cases where no will has been granted by the deceased and is made before the Notary.

Contesting wills

It is given in the cases in which one does not agree with the will in all or part of it and for the causes established in the law.

Inventory of Inheritances

This is a list of the assets of the deceased that are classified in different groups such as real estate, movable property, bank deposits, etc.


Partitional Notebooks

It is a document that gives legal nature to the distribution of the deceased’s assets among those who are called to the inheritance.

Inheritance Taxes

Without prejudice that other taxes may accrue, the Inheritance Tax is the one that is applied to the estate once the death of the deceased occurs and the inheritance is divided and adjudicated.


The legacy consists of those assets of the estate that the deceased assigns to one or more natural or legal persons who are not heirs and without the latter having any further rights over the rest of the assets of the estate. This bequest may be movable, immovable, metallic or of any other legal nature.

Our Method

We have more than fifteen years of experience in inheritance matters and we offer our services structured in three perfectly defined phases.

Meeting with the client

By appointment, we will listen attentively to your problem and collect the documentation on the inheritance that can help us in the analysis.

Legal Analysis

After examining the documentation we will carefully evaluate all the options in relation to the will, including contestation if necessary.



In a meeting following the previous phases, we will tell you what our legal advice is and the various options on which you will finally decide.

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