Ana Isabel Barrera Perez Attorney at Law in Torre del Mar


Lawyer in Torre del Mar

Born in Madrid, graduated in Law from the Faculty of Law of Malaga (Class of 1986-1991). He has been practicing law with full dedication since 1992, when the firm was founded in Torre del Mar. She has been a collaborator and coordinator in the province of Malaga of the Asociación de Padres de Familia Separados APFS for more than ten years.

Ana Isabel Barrera Perez Lawyer of Torre del Mar has dedicated herself personally and exclusively to direct personally most of the matters of the office, with a great experience in matters of family law, shared custody, visitation regime, authorization of displacement of minors abroad, modification of alimony due to change of circumstances, liquidation of the matrimonial property regime, incidents of child protection measures, claims for alimony, compensatory pensions, as well as extraordinary expenses, also with extensive experience in inheritance law, declaration of heirs, contesting wills, formation of inventory of inheritance, partitional notebook, collation of inherited assets, ie everything related to issues and matters relating to inheritance law of a certain size.

ANA ISABEL BARRERA PEREZ Attorney at Law in Torre del Mar counts with extensive experience in civil law, relating to matters of horizontal property, community of owners, evictions, declaration of properties, and claim of property, easements, executions of claim of amounts, exchange procedures, enforcement of judicial and non-judicial title, ground clauses, the abusive nature of the same, claim of mortgage and management fees.

In criminal law, with extensive experience in the defense and prosecution of proceedings of special importance, and especially in crimes of misappropriation, corporate crimes, fraud and false allegations…etc.

Also with experience in administrative procedures, urban sanctions and economic-administrative claims.